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Ev 100 The Gospel Message Today: Language that Connects in Communicating the Gospel (2012)


In a postmodern, unchurched, multi-faith and multi-racial society, it is more important than ever to articulate the enduring message of the gospel in language that can be understood by the culture around us.

This booklet explores the landscape of evangelism in the 20th and 21st centuries, making the case for the adoption of a new set of contextually appropriate metaphors and terms in order to communicate the truths at the heart of the gospel.

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Author: Laurence Singlehurst

Laurence Singlehurst is the author of books including ‘Sowing, Reaping, Keeping’ and ‘The Gospel Message Today.’ He is a director of Cell UK, chairman of the trustees for Westminster Theological Centre and a member of the leadership team for Hope Together.

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