E 198 COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future (2020)


This booklet explores the justice and environmental issues raised by COVID-19, considering its causes, the impact of the lockdown in many countries and the ethics of rebuilding for sustainability and human flourishing.

Click here for an interview with Martin Hodson, and here for an interview with Ruth Valerio, two of the authors.

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Author: Margot Hodson

The Revd Margot R Hodson is Vicar of Haddenham Benefice in Buckinghamshire and was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. She has taught Environmental Ethics at Oxford Brookes University and is on the boards of The John Ray Initiative and A Rocha UK. She has co-edited 'The Place of Environmental Theology' (with John Weaver), and co-authored 'Cherishing the Earth' (with her husband Martin).

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Author: Martin Hodson

Dr Martin J Hodson is a plant scientist and Operations Manager for the John Ray Initiative. He has over 90 research publications and speaks widely on environmental issues.

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Author: Ruth Valerio

Ruth Valerio is an environmentalist and theologian, social activist and author. She is Director of Global Advocacy and Influencing at Tearfund, based in the UK.

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Author: Timothy Howles

Tim Howles is a researcher working on the application of Continental philosophical thought to theology. He is passionate about understanding how Christianity might help us to conceive an alternative future to the one that seems to be prescribed for us by secular society. He currently ministers in a church in Oxford.

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