E 179 Inclusive Gospel? (2015)


‘Inclusivity’ is seen to be the cardinal Christian virtue in much modern debate, shaping response to contentious ethical issues and even claimed as the defining characteristic of churches.

Yet it is a term which is highly problematic, even at the level of its basic meaning. It is, in fact, inextricably linked with a desire for modernist conformity, which collapses important differences between people, and should be displaced by justice as a central Christian value.

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Author: Edward Dowler

The Revd Dr Edward Dowler studied Theology at the universities of Cambridge and Durham. He has ministered in a variety of parishes and served as Vice Principal of St Stephen’s House, Oxford. He is currently Vicar of Clay Hill, in Enfield, north London and Director of Continuing Ministerial Education in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London.

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