E 158 Walking in Another's Shoes: Ethical Perspectives on the Experience of Those Seeking Asylum (2010)

In February 2009, the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham presented a motion on the issue of asylum to the Church of England's General Synod which considered the right to work; amnesty for 'legacy cases'; the detention of children; the availability of legal services; and destitution.

Drawing on theological themes of hospitality, help, health and hope this booklet goes beyond the question 'How can we help?' and asks, 'What can we learn from the person seeking sanctuary?'
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Author: Karen Rooms

Karen Rooms is Priest in Charge of St Ann with Emmanuel, St Ann's, Nottingham, and a community organizer with Nottingham Citizens for Sanctuary. Like Ruth she is a Trustee of the Nottingham Arimathea Trust (housing destitute asylum seekers) and she has lived as an outsider for seven years in Tanzania. U2 have given shape to her spirituality.

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Author: Ruth Worsley

Ruth Worsley is Area Dean of Nottingham South and Priest in Charge of St Christopher with St Philip, Sneinton, Nottingham. Married to Howard, also ordained, and with three sons, she is a member of General Synod, a Chaplain to the Queen and a Canon of Southwell Minster.

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