E 148 Tenants in God's Land: Earth-keeping and People-keeping in the Old Testament (2008)

It has sometimes been said that the focus on humanity in the early chapters of Genesis had led to Christian misuse of the environment and, to a lesser extent, the oppression of others.

But the careful and convincing reading offered here shows the centrality to Genesis of a sense of common purpose between humanity and creation and within humanity itself. This contrasts with both ancient and modern alternatives, and sets a challenging agenda for the twin tasks of respect for the earth and concern for others.
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Author: Iain Provan

Iain is the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College, Vancouver, and the author of numerous articles and several books including commentaries on Lamentations,1 and 2 Kings, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. More recently he wrote'A Biblical History with Phil Long and Tremper Longman).

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