E 125 Globalization: Unravelling the New Capitalism (2002)

Globalization is the word of the moment—but what does it mean? What does globalization involve? Is it leading to a more just, stable and prosperous world, or widening the gap between rich and poor?

This study explores secular views of globalization before looking at the range of Christian commentators. It then sets the issues against the biblical story of creation and redemption in order to offer a Christian perspective. It is a valuable guide to the practical, ethical and theological issues involved.
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Author: Revd Dr Peter Heslam

Peter is Director of LICC's Capitalism Project and Lecturer in Social and Economic Ethics, as well as being a tutor at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He has previously worked as an Anglican minister in Huntingdon and was a Director of Studies in the Cambridge Theological Federation. He is married to Judith and they have two sons, Samuel and Benjamin.

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