eD 7 Reassessing the Culture of Assessment: Weighing Pigs Does Not Make Them Heavier (2011)


There is a widespread concern in schools that their true vocation is being hampered by an obsession with assessment at every level. Few professionals seem able to challenge the culture of measurement despite their deep reservations about its core values and practices.

This study seeks to examine what is fundamentally wrong with an overemphasis on assessment. It explores widespread misuses of data and false claims about its efficacy. It outlines ways in which theological insights might inform the central concerns of a healthy and successful alternative paradigm.

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Headteachers, teachers, governors, clergy, Diocesan Education Officers

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Author: Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown is an Assistant Head of Sixth Form in a secondary school in Derbyshire. Having begun academic life as a natural scientist he now specialises in religious studies. His department has been awarded both the Farmington Award for Religious Studies and the Templeton Award for Science and Religion in Schools. He has co-authored two volumes of RE games, a teachers' guide entitled'God Talk, Science Talk' and more recently contributed to and edited the'Science and Religion in Schools Project.' His passion in education has always been to encourage others to think for themselves.

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