eD 5 Called to Serve as a School Governor (2010)


People become school governors for all sorts of practical and personal reasons, yet like many activities it can become part of God's call on our lives to be salt and light in the world around us.

This excellent guide explores both the practical and the missional issues and, drawing on the author's own experience and the experience of others, identifies the key elements to being an effective Christian school governor.

Potential audience

Church members, Headteachers, governors, clergy, Diocesan Education Officers

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Author: Alison Farnell

Alison Farnell has been a school governor for over 30 years, involved with three very different schools. During that time, she has been involved in training governors whilst working at CARE for Education, in Coventry Diocese and for Warwickshire Local Authority. She was founding Chair of Warwickshire Governors' Association, present at the birth of the National Governors' Council and has recent experience of higher education governance.

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