eD 43 Sustaining Global School Links (2020)


This study explores some of the theological and educational reasons for setting up and maintaining global links between schools. By focusing on a particular partnership between some schools in the Diocese of Derby and some in Kolkata, it seeks to give an honest appraisal of benefits and challenges that are involved.

It offers some practical ideas, whilst tapping into a consideration of how such links might fit into an understanding of what it means to be human and part of God’s family.

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Author: Alison Brown

Alison Brown is the Acting Director of the Diocesan Board of Education the Diocese of Derby, having been a primary school teacher and RE lead. In 2016 she was awarded a doctorate which focussed on collective worship.

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Author: Anita Matthews

Anita Matthews is the associate priest of a city centre church in Derby and Chair of the Derbyshire/Church of North India Link. Before this she has worked as a secondary school chaplain and as a national adviser for children’s work with the Church Mission Society.

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