eD 42 School-Shaped Ministers: Shaping a New Generation of Church Leaders (2020)


There are long-established connections between thinking about education in schools and thinking about training of ministers—and fruitful connections continue.

This booklet draws on reflection on issues in training and education, and the experience of one diocese, to demonstrate how connecting ministerial training with work in schools enriches and completes both.

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Author: Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has served as director of studies for a theological college in Hungary, as a lay worker and curate in France, and for 12 years as Vicar of Galleywood in Essex; he now helps train curates and other ministers for the Diocese of Chelmsford.

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Author: Lallie Godfrey

Lallie Godfrey was a head teacher for 20 years and also a School Improvement Partner, mentor/coach and consultant leader. She leads on school improvement across the Diocese of Chelmsford. She has been involved in the Curate School Placement programme for the past five years.

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