eD 39 Igniting Potential: Developing Character and Leadership Through Social Action


The word ‘education’ draws on two Latin terms, ‘educare’ meaning to raise up or train, and ‘educere’ meaning to draw out what is within. Good education does both of these things. 

This engaging study shows how involving young people in practical social action achieves both these things, by enabling the development of character and the building of leadership skills. It draws on practical examples from the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust’s projects. 

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Author: Elizabeth Howat

Elizabeth Howat has a background in secondary education, having taught English for ten years. She now works for The Archbishop of York Youth Trust overseeing the Young Leaders Award programme delivered in both church and community schools. She has developed and written their current KS3 and KS4/Post 16 Awards programme and resources, supporting young people to ‘be the change they want to see.’

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