eD 34 A Theology for Chaplaincy: Singing Songs in a Strange Land (2018)


Chaplaincy is the church’s fastest-growing ministry, but it is still not well understood. Chaplains are at the front line of mission, bringing prophetic challenge and comfort to places where the institutional church cannot reach. 

Rowan Clare Williams reflects on chaplaincy through the biblical story of the exile, ‘singing the Lord’s song in a strange land.’ What does it mean to be God’s people in an increasingly secular world? And what might the good news for universities look like? Chaplaincy might have the answer.

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Author: Rowan Clare Williams

Rowan Clare Williams has been Anglican Chaplain to the University of York since 2010. She was formerly chaplain to Leicester Royal Infirmary, and has a professional background in residential care for adults with severe disabilities. She has written extensively on Franciscan spirituality and chaplaincy.

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