eD 32 Doing Difference Differently: God, Grace and Equality in Education (2017)


What does it mean to treat pupils across their differences equally in education? Is it about seeking equal attainment or assuming they are created equal—or is it primarily about treating them as equally created?

This fascinating study explores what a distinctively Christian approach to handling difference looks like, including a robust critique of utilitarian and economic models and a focus on wisdom rather than knowledge as the goal of education.

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Author: John Saxbee

John Saxbee was Bishop of Lincoln from 2002 and chaired the Church of England’s Board of Education until his retirement in 2011, speaking regularly on education matters in the House of Lords. His books include ‘Liberal Evangelism’ (1994) and ‘No Faith in Religion’ (2009). He and his wife Jackie now live in Pembrokeshire.

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