eD 25 Head Teachers as Community Pastors (2015)


This Grove booklet, a partnership between a bishop, a director of education and several head teachers of church schools and academies, proposes that head teachers are, amongst much else, community pastors who serve the well-being of the whole child in the community in which the child lives. It offers a compelling case for an integrated missional strategy involving a partnership between the head teacher and local clergy in which schools are central to the core identity of a diocese

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Author: Christopher Cocksworth

Christopher Cocksworth read theology at the University of Manchester. After teaching in secondary education, he trained for ordination and pursued doctoral studies. Following parochial and chaplaincy ministry, he served as Principal of Ridley Hall and became Bishop of Coventry in 2008.

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Author: Linda Wainscot

Linda Wainscot studied music and drama before working in secondary schools, the independent sector and further education as a teacher and senior leader. Since 2001 she has held the role of Diocesan Director of Education in the Diocese of Coventry.

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