iD 11 Following Jesus, Following Paul: Pauline Insights into Missional Discipleship


The call for Christians to follow the example of Jesus is clear enough in the gospels but, for some, the role of St Paul in modern discipleship is ambiguous. His letters form a large part of the New Testament but surprisingly they do not include the word ‘disciple.’ 

This study explores the cultural background to discipleship language in the ancient world and Paul’s emphasis on imitating Christ. It reflects on the role of community in the apostle’s thinking and his practical approach to discipleship in ways that can be helpful for Christians today.

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Author: Dan Yarnell

Dan Yarnell is an ordained minister and the national ecumenical officer with the Fellowship of Church of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland. He has been teaching Bible, mission and contextual theology in various UK theological colleges for over 25 years. He lives in Worcestershire with his wife Amy.

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