iD 10 A Whole Church Discipleship Adventure: Jesus-shaped People


Jesus’ ministry was intensely focused on people, especially those marginalized in their own culture, and led to practical change and action. So why does much of the ministry of the church does today fail to reflect these priorities?

The ‘Jesus-shaped People’ initiative seeks to address this question, and has been effective in a range of contexts. This booklet tells the story of its origins, its application and its power in developing whole-church discipleship.

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Author: Brendan Bassett

Brendan Bassett is a Baptist minister with over 25 years of church leadership experience. He holds an MA in theology from Manchester University.

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Author: Gordon Dey

Gordon Dey is an Anglican vicar with over 45 years of experience in parish estate ministry. He is the founder of JSP.

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Author: Sharon Blyth

Sharon Blyth is an experienced youth and children specialist who helped develop JSP’s i-gen material. She currently works with the Diocese of Exeter.

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