B 87 Prophecy Fulfilled Today?: Does Ezekiel Have Anything to Say About the Modern State of Israel? (2018)


Many Christians see the modern state of Israel as some sort of ‘restoration’ of the Jewish people to the land in fulfilment of God’s promises. This is usually based on a reading of the prophecies of Ezekiel. 

But this careful study demonstrates that Old Testament prophecies were consistently seen by New Testament writers as fulfilled in Jesus, and lacking any expectation of a separate return to the land. It offers a vital perspective for Christian thinking about both Israel and NT Christology.

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Author: The Revd Colin Chapman

Colin taught Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon, until 2003, and before that had taught the Study of Mission and the Study of Religion at Trinity College, Bristol, and been Principal of Crowther Hall, the former CMS Training College in Selly Oak, Birmingham. He is now enjoying semi-retirement in Milton, Cambridge. His books include 'Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenges of Islam' (IVP, 2007), '"Islamic Terrorism": Is There a Christian Response?' (Grove, 2005), 'Whose Promised Land?' (Lion, 2002) and 'Whose Holy City? Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict' (Lion, 2004).

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