B 83 Becoming Truly Human: Biblical Perspectives on Humanity (2017)


One of the biggest questions underlying contemporary debate on a whole range of issues is: what does it mean to be human? Scripture provides a rich resource from which to answer this, but it is sometimes passed over.

This helpful study explores all the dimensions of human life, focussing on the Old Testament but including the New. Whilst acknowledging the cultural distance of many of the texts, it highlights key issues which are of abiding relevance in any age.

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Author: Hilary Marlow

Dr Hilary Marlow is a Research Associate in theology and the environment at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion ( and affiliated lecturer in Cambridge University. Her book Let the Earth Sing (OUP) on the Old Testament and environmental ethics is published in 2009. She is a board member of the John Ray Initiative and involved with the Christian conservation charity, A Rocha.

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