B 25 The Problem of War in the Old Testament

Warfare in the Old Testament has long posed a problem for Christian readers. Does it offer a justification for war on religious grounds? And how can the warlike God of the Old Testament be the same divinity as that revealed in the New Testament, the God of love incarnate in Jesus Christ? Recent events lend an extra urgency to these questions.

This timely study engages fully with the difficult questions by paying attention to the texts themselves. It shows how ambivalent the Old Testament actually is about warfare, and offers some reflections on how we read the Old Testament in the light of the New.
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Author: Revd Dr Philip Jenson

Philip lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Philip is passionately committed to recovering the relevance and power of the Old Testament for God's people today. Philip is Information Officer for the Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) and maintains their website ( He is married to Ruth and they have three daughters. He enjoys watching films, tennis, and playing the bassoon.

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