Author: Richard Steel

Currently the Mission Team Leader for Lincoln Diocese, I was formerly Rector of a medium sized Anglican church in Huddersfield and Rural Dean, invovled in forming, leading and being part of many types and sizes of team. Prior to that I was Communication Director of the Church Mission Society. During that time I led a large department with various teams and was involved in a considerable amount of change management. While with CMS I took part in Exeter University's Post-Graduate Leadership Studies programme. Previous to that I had 10 years' experience in the fields of media and communications. My interest in leadership started, even if I didn't realise it as such, in my days in Scouting, and when I joined my church's Parochial Church Council as the youngest member. This has given me a realisation of the key importance of early experience in developing leadership skills and a passion for encouraging leadership responsibilities among young people. I have experienced the differences in leadership of paid and voluntary teams and the kinds of motivation involved. Beyond, and indeed within, my church responsibilities I function particularly in the areas of social entrepreneurship, networking and community leadership, and continue my interest in communications and media.

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