Extra Resources: E 128 When is War Justified?

A number of the key classic texts in the Just War Tradition are now available online.
These include:

Recent Just War Writing

One of the most important contemporary writers in this area is James Turner Johnson. In addition to his book Morality and Contemporary Warfare he has a number of works available on-line:

Another strong and clear exponent of Christian just war thinking who has spoken in favour of pre-emption is the Roman Catholic writer George Weigel:

Other good just war reflections include:

  • Good Wars by Darrell Cole
  • Just War an exchange between Paul J. Griffiths and George Weigel

Sites providing resources from a more pacifist/non-violence perspective include:

Among sites containing various resources and links are:

  • The Just Cause - this describes itself as 'exploring issues of peace, war, justice and freedom through the eyes of faith'
  • War and Terrorism - part of the Faithmaps site this links to a number of articles on evil, suffering, just war and pacifism.
  • War, Peace, and Military Ethics - the section of the Ethics Updates site providing links and bibliography across the whole area of war and ethics in the military. 

Different US evangelical perspectives can be found covering:

On the horrors of modern war see Crimes of War

Modern War

Among the sites which cover modern military action from a US perspective are:  

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