Extra Resources: B 31 Refreshing Bible Study

To learn more about some of the approaches to Bible study introduced in B31 Refreshing Bible Study, click on one of the links below, grouped according to the related booklet chapter.

Chapter 3: Writing a Psalm

Chapter 4: Engaging the Imagination

Below are links to find out more about the 'Godly play' Approach introduced in Chapter 4:

  • www.godlyplay.org.uk
  • www.godlyplay.com
  • www.lancepierson.org Lance Pierson is a London based performer, whose imaginative and gripping presentations bring the Bible to life. Among the performances in his repertoire is a 60-minute overview of the Bible, using a range of media, including poetry, acted scenes, and dramatic readings.

Copyright note to Chapter 4:

The poem "Judas, Peter" by Luci Shaw is © Luci Shaw, 1990, 2003 and is reproduced on p13 of the accompanying Grove booklet B31 Refreshing Bible Study by kind permission of the author: "Judas, Peter" in Polishing the Petoskey Stone (Regent College Publishing, Vancouver 1990, 2003) p 201

Chapter 5: Images at the Service of Bible Reading

Click here to view Holman Hunt's The Light of the World, referred to on p 20.

Chapter 5: Charting Scripture

Click on the links below to download two Word documents showing further examples of grammatical layouts of biblical passages: These files have been checked for viruses. However, as with all files downloaded from the Internet, we advise you to perform your own virus checking before using them.

Author: Ian Paul

Ian Paul studied pure and applied maths and worked in industry prior to ordination training and studying for a PhD in the interpretation of Revelation. After ten years in parish ministry and ten more in theological education, he now combines local church ministry with academic work in a freelance portfolio, including writing the influential blog www.psephizo.com

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Author: Michael Thompson

The Revd Dr Michael B Thompson is Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Mike is an Episcopal priest originally from North Carolina. His special interests are Pauline theology & ethics and guitar playing. After teaching at St John’s College, Nottingham for seven years, he returned in 1995 to Cambridge, where he continues to lecture in New Testament and Greek for the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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